Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)- Sliding Rear Mount


This Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) utilises a Sliding Tray design, with optional Patchcord Managers fitted to the right of the bulkheads, providing additional patchcord support and management. It is ideally suited for racks that may have rear fitted mounts, such as ETSI, TEP1E or certain 19 designs.

Sliding ODF- 19 Inch 4U Rear Mount, 6 TraysFeatures

  • High density termination system, for example 72 terminations in a 19" 4U space at 12 terminations per tray, based on SC, E2000, LC, FC/PC or ST connectors.
  • Other connector types can be catered for using interchangeable bulkheads.
  • Each tray accommodates 1 cassette, affixed in a non-hinging position. Fibre entry onto the tray can be via either fibre tubing or 10mm flexible conduit, routed from a separate Cable Breakout Unit (CBU).
  • Fibre tubes enter at the rear left of the tray, then are secured to the splice cassette anchor point. The conduit is push fitted into suitable conduit locators (10mm conduit) on the tray.
  • Each tray slides forward to a stop point to allow for both cassette and connector access. The tray can also be disengaged from the support shelf for more convenient for fibre splicing, routine maintenance, etc.
  • Cassette made using UL94-V0 rated CYCOLAC VW300.
  • Exiting patchcords are routed directly over vertically mounted storage mandrels for full bend radius control.
  • A variety of backplane heights are available, with bespoke requirements catered for.
  • The tray assemblies can also be installed into ETSI, TEP1E & MEP racks with suitable backplanes supplied by request.

Download PDF Datasheet