Fibre Management Cassette- 12 Fibre Capacity


The 12 way Fibre Management Cassette is the ideal choice for UL94-V0 applications, and also general use splicing. Its unique design is versatile enough for almost every fibre optic application.

12 Fibre Splice CassetteWithin all our assemblies, cassette functions are provided using our unique 12 way Fibre Management Cassette.

Our fibre splice cassette is designed to conformance to various existing specifications in the comms sectors.

Manufactured using GE Plastics UL94 V-0 rated CYCOLAC® VW300, the customer can be assured of a high degree of fibre management and storage at every level of install.

Our splice cassette operates with a unique integrated hinging mechanism and a compact self-closing latch system. The cassette provides a number of fibre management and retention mechanisms for ease of installation, whether for direct 'tubed fibre' installations, or where oversleeving has been necessary.

Importantly, precise pre-splice fibre lengths are not required due to the design method employed.

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