Fibre Optic Cable Storage System


patchcord storage problemsThere can be few things more frustrating, annoying and unnecessary than to see untidy or excessive amounts of cable within racks and cabinets found in data centres and colocation facilities. The picture to the right illustrates a classic scenario of excessive patchcord cable found within a typical fibre rack. Unfortunately we often visit sites to find this occurance time and again, but happily we do offer an ideal solution.

The 19" or ETSI Patchcord Storage Units available from CTEC are the perfect solution for this most common problem. With increasing demand to provide high density cable and fibre management systems, the need to manage and store any excess cable has now been made much easier for every systems manager. Our solution utilises just 2U of the spare vertical space within the main rack area to store as much as 100 mtrs of excess cable. Furthermore, the excess cable can be routed in to, or out of either side of these units, keeping to a minimun the needless passage of cable from one side of the rack to the other.

The end result is a clear and tidy rack which improves maintenance and access procedures, and presents a more complete and tidy installation for the client.

Slack Fibre Storage UnitFeatures

  • Left and right cable entry or exit.
  • Winding mandrels to hold the excess cable.
  • Cushioned walls to provide added protection.
  • Removable lid for easier access .
  • Slotted ventilation to suit combined use with active components.
  • 19" 2U or ETSI 4SU mounts for both common rack types.
  • Front and rear mountable positions.

Download PDF Datasheet