Passive Fibre Optic Devices

General Information

1x2 Ruggedised Splitter 2x2 Ruggedised Splitter 1x2 Buffered Splitter SC Build-out Attenuator FC Build-out Attenuator
LC Build-out Attenuator MU Build-out Attenuator Hybrid Adaptors

CTEC passive devices are all made using high quality components to industry recognised standards.

Suitable for distributing optical signals to multiple receivers, PONs, and test equipment, our fused splitter/coupler assemblies offer superior optical performance, with low insertion loss and low levels of back reflection. This optical performance is matched with compact device dimensions and clear markings. Available with 50:50, 60:40, 70:30, 80:20, 90:10 and 95:5 split ratios on 1x2 splitters. Other ratios and split configurations are available by request.

Our build out attenuators are used to reduce and balance optical launch power levels in your network. These high performance attenuators give accurate attenuation over specified wavelengths. Build out style attenuators are ideal for direct fitting to connectors, adaptors, splitters and other devices within a network.

For those situations where differing connectors are required to be coupled, CTEC can provide various configurations of hybrid adaptors. These can be particularly useful for re-fit and common stock situations, allowing the customer to retain existing equipment to suit alternative connector requirements. We can also supply hybrid adaptors to suit differing ferrule sizes found in small form factor (SFF) connectors.