Fibre Management Products

ODF Hinged Tray, Rear Mount ODF Hinged Tray, Front Mount ODF Slide Tray, Rear Mount ODF Slide Tray, Front Mount Box, 4 Fibre Compact
Box, 8 Fibre Compact Box, 12 Fibre Internal Box, 24 Fibre Double Door Box, Internal to External Cable Cable Breakout Unit, 8 Way
Cable Breakout Unit, 16 Way Slack Fibre and Excess Cable Storage Box Fibre Craft Tray Fibre Optic Patch Panels 12 Fibre Splice Cassette

CTEC design and supply numerous Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), Patch Panels, Wall Mount Boxes, Termination Boxes and Splice Systems to provide the physical interface for managing your fibre optic network.

Design is Everything

We are renowned for designing fibre optic products that meet suitable bend radius protection requirements, perform to the exact specifications of our customers, manage their optical networks with a tidy but compact modular approach, and are easy to install, maintain and upgrade at all times.

We have a host of standard designs for Sliding Tray & Hinging Tray ODFs, which in turn are available with a wide range of Backplates. We supply standard ODFs for 19 Inch, ETSI and TEP1E rack practice, plus custom design solutions for other mounting requirements, subject to the customers’ exact criteria. Our Wall Mount Boxes are compact in design, with all the features you need for your splicing and customer termination points. As always, bespoke design solutions will be considered to suit almost any situation.

Our Fibre Management Cassette designs are based on R30 principles, the material used is UL94 V-0 rated CYCOLAC VW300, a flame retardant ABS, developed for communication equipment. We were probably the first mainstream cassette manufacturer to move to this material for fibre optic cassette design, years ahead of any of our competitors.

We also manufacture Cable Breakout Units, designed to breakdown the incoming cable into its manageable constituent parts to transfer the fibre tubes smoothly into our ODFs. These provide a critical function in an area sometimes overlooked by installers.

Bespoke Solutions

CTEC bespoke designs are in use across a broad range of sectors, and for some of the largest global businesses around. We secure this business based on a clear commitment to provide comprehensive technical solutions for these requirements. If you can not find the specific products you are looking for on our web site or elsewhere, don't hesitate to get in touch so we can advise a solution to suit your particular needs.