Fibre Optic Patchcords, Pigtails and Multi-Fibre Cable Assemblies

General Information

Fibre TerminatingAt CTEC, we supply high quality patchcords, pigtails and multi-fibre cable assemblies to all fibre optic sectors. Our terminations all use full ceramic ferrules, the manufacturing is inline with international standards, and the fibre & cable choices are diverse to suit many applications. We can cater for any volume requirements whether large or small, and all our assemblies are 100% tested and inspected for optical performance. We can also test for physical profiling using DORC Interferometers.

With a wide range of permutations of construction for patchcords, pigtails and multi-fibre cable assemblies, we strongly suggest that you contact us directly with your particular technical requirements, allowing us to quote you the most up to date pricing available, exactly to your precise needs. We avoid complex web tables asking that you configure a part number, just tell us what you're after, and we'll do the rest. Alternatively, you can email or fax the details.

See the sub-sections to the left for more information regarding the types of assemblies we provide. Also, you can view the related pages in the 'Connectors' section regarding the performance criteria for some of the mainstream fibre optic connectors we use in our assemblies. That section also lists our compatible fibre optic adaptors.