Fibre Optic Connectors and Adaptors

Connector, E2000/PC Connector, E2000/APC Connector, E2000 High Power Connector, FC/PC Connector, FC/APC
LC Connector Connector, SC/PC Connector, SC/APC ST Connector ST/APC Connector
E2000/PC Adaptor E2000/APC Adaptor FC/PC Adaptor FC/APC Adaptor LC Adaptor
SC/PC Adaptor SC/APC Adaptor ST Adaptor

General Information

At CTEC, we supply high quality patchcords, pigtails and adaptors to all fibre optic sectors. These products are almost all terminated & supplied from within our range of connectors and adaptors listed in these pages.

Quality Materials

All the connectors use full ceramic ferrules, with manufacturing in line with international standards. The adaptors are mainly ceramic sleeve versions, with some of our multimode types accommodating metallic sleeves to suit requirements.