Cable Breakout Unit- 8 way Flexible Conduit style Output


The 8 way Cable Breakout Unit is designed to anchor an incoming cable, and re-route the cable elements to other products via up to 8 outputs. This product is particularly useful were constraints on cost and/or installation time are important factors. Installation of this product is extremely easy.

8 way Cable Breakout UnitFeatures

Like all our Cable Breakout Units, this one follows a simple generic design, the function being to breakout the cable such that the contained fibres/fibre tubes are routed to Optical Distribution Frames (ODF), Patch Panels, Craft Trays and Termination Boxes. Securing and/or anchoring of the cables’ Central Tension Member (CTM) is also provided. The Cable Breakout Unit is made up of a base, lid, compression gland, CTM clamp and flexible conduit tubing.


For example, by fitting an 8 way Cable Breakout Unit with four conduits, an incoming cable with eight 12-fibre tubes can service one of our ODFs fitted with four 24 fibre capacity SC or E2000 Hinging Trays. This is because each flexible conduit can route two multiple fibre tubes per tray.

Download PDF Datasheet