Fibre Optic Consultancy

Fibre Optic Product Design and Development


Fibre Optic AdviceSince 2001, one of CTEC's principle activities has been the provision of product design & development services. With absolute confidentiality, clients across all communications sectors have deployed our designs in numerous networks and installations, on both OEM Approved and Service & Supply platforms.

Working as a consultant, we will:

  • Agree a remit for the design project.
  • Develop a tailor made solution to fit your needs.
  • Focus on product function, cost control, vendor assessment and adherence to quality standards.

With many clients now looking for more flexible and cost effective solutions to their fibre optic engineering needs, isnít it time your company considered the benefits?

Fibre Optic Specification Documents

CTEC have produced a number of customer orientated specification documents which formalise the requirements of your products. The aim is to present a more professional and relative set of technical criteria against which potential suppliers can offer their products to your company.

The types of products & services we can help to specify include:

  • Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs).
  • Wall Boxes.
  • Fibre Optic Terminations.
  • Fibre Optic Accessories.
  • Cable Joints, Racks.
  • Cable Storage Systems.
  • Cable Breakouts.
  • Splice Cassettes.
  • Product Assembly & Test Procedures.

Where applicable, we will endeavour to maintain specifications in line with existing recognised standards, and we can advise clients on the most effective approach in this regard.