Media Converter Panels

General Information

Media Converter PanelsThis 2U Media Converter Panel is a compact and effective means of presenting up to twelve 'Mini 3G' Converter units in a 2U space. Alternatively, the unit can also accomodate a mixed array of converters together with packaged CWDM/Splitter units, packaged such that they align with the bulkhead locations. The main features of this product are:

  • 2U shallow compact design, ideal for robust industrial shipping case installations.
  • Dual PSU design for alternate power source configuration in the outside broadcast environment, with visual status indicators.
  • Front or rear bulkhead configuration.
  • Optional tie-bars for cable support.
  • Up to 12 Mini 3G Converter units, fully isolated through body and also through the BNC bulkhead couplers.
  • Custom designed CWDM/ Splitter packages available to suit this product.
  • Hinging design for easy access.