Lemo Hermaphroditic Connectors

General Information

Lemo Hermaphroditic ConnectorsThe LEMO Hermaphroditic series consists of high performance genderless push-pull connectors, combining LEMOs push-pull latching technology with their high quality optical and electrical contacts into a highly reliable hermaphroditic interconnection system. Each series consists of both plug and socket which accept cable diameters from 3.6mm to 10.0mm. The initial product set will provide solutions for 2, 4 or 6 fibre optic channels together with 6 or 12 electrical contacts. The two interface options are:

  • FHE Connector- A straight plug with cable adapter or collet & nut with bend relief (FHE meets IP 68 when in a mated condition).
  • FWE Connector- A fixed plug with nut fixing (FWE meets IP 68 when in a mated condition).

Main Features

  • Push-pull hermaphroditic self-latching system.
  • Rugged waterproof (IP 68) version for outdoor applications.
  • Low loss ceramic ferrule technology in multimode and singlemode.
  • Lightweight design with shell in anthracite nickel-plated aluminium alloy.
  • Choice of multi-fibre or electrical contacts configurations.
  • Gold plated electrical contacts.
  • Two shell sizes.